So much for daily writing. But, I’ve been productive regardless. I am now officially a smut peddler with my own .com to my name. I’ve got it down to a process thats mostly automated, so thats good. As soon as i can turn a profit i can start looking into getting some more plugins and making other sites, and then… Read More »Evening 032819

Evening 032819

so while we wait for the laundromat to become available, let’s get out some morning writing. i get insomnia around the full moon. sometimes at the new moon as well, and sometimes on half moons. but always on a full moon. to the point where, if i were living in a cave without access to the sun to tell the… Read More »morning 032019

morning 032019

this is the start of the movie, act I, where the everyman hero is shit down on everything, including luck, and then him and his best buddy Gary go on the Hero’s Journey. while i am not at a point where i’m putting pizzas in blenders along with the kitchen sink, i am drowning my sorrows and dancing slowly to… Read More »hi


it’s the beginning of the movie. the hero has just woken up. over there is gary. they have some work to do.

adhd title here: Heroism