I need to make $2.86 a day through ads on my sites to get a weekly payout. That’s the goal right now. Two bucks and eighty-five point seven-something cents, rounded up, two eighty-six. Almost three bucks a day, that’s it.

We just hit $1 a day, or at least I just hit $1.11 for yesterday’s tally, and that’s without doing anything extra in regards to posting, just the automated poster doing its thing. I can let those go for a bit now, and they’ll do their thing automatically, and eventually I can get some organic traffic in there after keywords take hold in the big great googlemachine in the sky.

Found a thread on BHW about the guy who runs justswallows.com and his journey to making that site the 2millionviewsaday powerhouse it is. Cool. Going to follow his optimization advice for ads on my two sites, and start making a couple more. My intent for these is to have some set+forget little projects, I don’t really want to devote my whole life to running a porn empire, but it’d be nice to have something that pays for the internet bill every month. Maybe my phone too. Fuck it, go for broke occasionally, right?

He’s also running mostly ads and a few networks. I think I’d rather find some affiliate offers and try to work those as the big secret moneymaker. That and learn my way through SEO so I can optimize all my other site ventures, especially the safe-for-work kind. Got some learning to do but I got a few ideas for sites that I should do too.

If me and Gary get enough wordvomit habits in check to keep this going, we might just have a way to support ourselves completely independently.

That’s further up the goal list than most though. Phase 22 in the plan. We’re on phase 2, maybe even just phase 1.54b. First few things on the list are, pay for its own hosting, pay for an upgraded hosting, pay for the plug-ins that have been purchased, pay for the purchased theme, maybe get some internet bills paid. A new computer, capable of being able to play games on some actual decent settings for once, a new keyboard with fancy buttons, a nice not-$5-shit mouse, another HD monitor or three. Maybe a TV, a ps4 controller for bluetooth and for going out to see friends again and actually play some games. I want to buy a steak dinner on friday or saturday nights at the steakhouse down the road, and maybe even become a regular, and actually get back into the lovely thing known as society. Add Thursday nights out with Steinbeck too for trivia and tea and maybe some fucking faux-poutine.

Basic, quality-of-life type shit.

This doesn’t include the possible turn towards buying a van and living down by the river. Ideally, I want to be able to work anywhere, from a laptop (or, eventually, just a phone, a-la Franklin Hatchett), parked in my van, living on the beach this week and driving somewhere near Barstow on the edge of the desert the next week and then somewhere near San Diego pondering a trip down across the border a different week. Ideally the laptop work includes automated set-and-forget websites that I don’t have to think much about or maintain much apart from the initial creation and subsequent shit-ton of writing or video embedding and SEO work. And then the affiliate sites that are work-safe as the hopeful 80% earners, with the porn empire being the guaranteed 20% backbone that is the springboard for everything else. Ideally the porn empire will get to a point where I just cash out in cryptocurrencies and sock them all away for rainy days ahead when the sky falls and the bombs drop and the Fallout universe becomes a real thing.

After that I can invest in real estate and actual businesses. Be an angel investor and just drop money around like little Hope Satchels. Always wanted to be a Jerry Bruckheimer and create a movie team, slap a suitcase full of cash into a table and say “WE’RE MAKING A MOVIE, FOLKS!” and then just sit back and take pictures with a really nice camera while your team creates a movie. Then buy my own studio and make super propaganda. OBEY…

But first, I need some basics. New wardrobe. Just some new-to-me, thrift store clothes, that aren’t stained, that I can wear in public. That fit. Just that’d be nice. Some new sneakers, some shoes. Boots. Wool socks. Maybe some food. 10lbs of ground beef and then carnivore diet and snake diet my way into something better. I think I just want the mental clarification on those. No depression. Maybe get my dick sucked while I’m at it.