Website has a queue for at least a couple weeks, if not a month. Amazing what only 20,000 posts can do, but that’s a smallbig niche and I need to focus it down to smaller trail niches. And work on some SFW affiliate ideas, like perhaps a gardening blog or that Trash Freedom idea I really should be running.

Instead, Gary took me out drinking since Sunday afternoon and yesterday was mainly a recovery day, so today needs to be the work day. And the best part about it all was it was solo bro time, George Thorogood, lonely jukebox drinking, with a full pizza and ten thousand chicken nuggers and a thirty rack and a few big tallboys and a grilled cheesy and coffee coffee coffee. And coconut oil and amyl. It was bad. So now I look and feel like Fat Thor and we’re almost to a deadline I kept putting off, and all this good to show for it.