When one is awake for it, a magnificent sunrise often shows itself, for those wee morning travelers. I need to remind myself to see more sunrises. Among an apple orchard and smelly trash, I came across a pink and magenta sky, rippled into the horizon like folded ice cream. The most basics of nature are sometimes alone all that’s needed to amaze, just like a simple garden-pulled vegetable or a pretty woman smiling at you from over her shoulder.

I’m here, staring at the big lake, waiting for the smoke shop to open up. I find it a bit silly that a smoke shop opens at 7:30 in the morning, but I guess that gives the stoners running the place a chance to get out for 4:20. If i were running a head shop, I’d sure as fuck make sure to get out before 4, even if it were to just close the store down for an hour. Gary says he’d just close at noon. I guess that’s why he’s not a store owner.

We have a little money in our pockets for once and its already hot and burning holes through the pocket corners. But, I have an entrepreneurial venture that i need to take, so most of my funds will be for this upcoming project. I need to see some people today. I want a bong. Wants and needs must always be categorized and sorted.

They weren’t open. Guess they didn’t want our business. Drove around and wasted some gas and got some at the next-state’s prices and checked out another store, but they didn’t have anything that popped. Checked out two stores, actually, got some old nostalgic rolling papers at the other one and a recommended dealer’s-choice pack of wired papers. Colored girl behind the counter smiled a bit too wide for just friendliness but it could just be the morning, could just be baseless confidence, could just be an uptick into the Manic phases. I could be delusional. I could just be something else. I don’t like limpy handshakes. Gary should teach her how to shake hands properly.