July 2019

Website has a queue for at least a couple weeks, if not a month. Amazing what only 20,000 posts can do, but that’s a smallbig niche and I need to focus it down to smaller trail niches. And work on some SFW affiliate ideas, like perhaps a gardening blog or that Trash Freedom idea I really should be running. Instead,… Read More »073119


Gary took me drinking last night. We somehow ventured upon a rack of shitty Keystone and ran some bus stops and skinned some cats and shot some shotguns. I may have taken a shit in a mailbox. I think it was my own mailbox. Today I will try to work. Unlike the last week, I might get something done.


When one is awake for it, a magnificent sunrise often shows itself, for those wee morning travelers. I need to remind myself to see more sunrises. Among an apple orchard and smelly trash, I came across a pink and magenta sky, rippled into the horizon like folded ice cream. The most basics of nature are sometimes alone all that’s needed… Read More »072519


Pull into the gas station on 93 miles left, see a thick blonde in summer shorts and a cotton tank park and get out. Pull up to the pump and fumble for a twenty and get out, fart around for a second, I am in my own universe again at this point remembering the pump number and dealing with the… Read More »072419


I’m hungry but there’s nothing in the fridge that seems appetizing and I don’t really want to cook. Raining and the tires are bald and I felt some slight hydroplaning last night, so I really don’t want to go out to get food… plus everything close is frozen convenience shitfood. So I write. Woke up with a headache and some… Read More »072319