Excellent. This keyboard works. I’m just missing some worn away labeling on the lettering, which should be fixed up with some nail polish easy. I love the free store sometimes.

Today, we are writing. And creating. For years, I thought the idea of a milk crate bed frame would be just a nifty, cool thing to do. I’ve used crates as useable furnature and functional decoration for ages now, and finally, I have collected enough to lash together a king-size bedframe, with hopeful accompanying bookcase-ish headboard. Takes 36 crates for the base, with as many as needed for height for the headboard.

I first did this a few months ago in The Big Room, which is back to The Work Room. I’m shoving the bedframe in The Bed Room. Gary is tempermental today and he’s refusing to work until he’s smoked himself gummy.

I ripped out my cracked tooth last night and I’m kind of dreading going to eat something today.