morning 032019

so while we wait for the laundromat to become available, let’s get out some morning writing.

i get insomnia around the full moon. sometimes at the new moon as well, and sometimes on half moons. but always on a full moon. to the point where, if i were living in a cave without access to the sun to tell the days apart, i could get a nice period-blood 28-day cycle going after a while just based on how long apart the periods of no sleep fell. now i’m ramped up on coffee and chop suey and i’m in the mood to read at the laundromat, but i can’t find the box of quarters. when it rains, it pours. divert attention.

the single blog post was the ball i needed to start rolling yesterday. worked on my other site, which is a porn site in a niche that i’m comfortable in, interested in, and had a substantial follower count in on Tumblr, before they shit the bed and banned pornography from the platform. i used to make enough for beer money working on tumblr through ads and affiliate marketing. it’s where i cut my teeth and learned the basics. i’m taking all of those learned skills and applying them to more grandiose ideas: my own sites. since most of my moneymaking was in porn, i figure i should start there… and the area is a giant evergreen business that rakes in tons and tons of Shame money, so i figure it will be the backbone of my income, at least to start off with. i’ve got accounts at most of the major advertisement companies, so its time to put them to good use. that and i’m going to build some niche-specific sites to accompany a few small affiliates i have, and specific affiliate programs i’ve come across.

i’ve now got my domains down, basic wordpress procedure down, i have the theme i plan to use for the time being (with ad block areas for down the road), and i just found some plug-ins for embedding videos that seem to be working. most of this for free aside from the domain and hosting, enough to get the ball rolling for the first month or two as i get design down and place in some ads and get some minor revenue coming in. first goalpost is to make enough back to pay for hosting, then to pay for additional plug-ins that will make the workload easier. and when i can have the revenue stream In The Black, we’ll start in on Site #2… then Site #3…. then Site #4…..

once i can get this all running as close to autopilot as possible, i’ll focus in on other affiliate sites that aren’t adult-based. i’d like to get in on some cannabis affiliates, maybe some t-shirts, get some experience with an amazon site or two. i have a few ideas brewing on that back burner.

its funny that i’m taking this avenue for profit, yet it will be directly conflicting with one of my future goals of getting back into no-fap and working on the fine zen art of not touching my peckerino.

i’ve been watching a lot of Elisha Long lately, among others. i feel like, in another life, i was like this guy. my unfucking plan includes listening to his videos in a rotation when working out in the morning. good mind-fuel. gary think’s he’s a dork.

soon i can listen to CoCo again in the proper mindset, if he ever starts doing the morning joint again. CoCo is also included in future plans, as the man is amazing at storytelling, and that low gravel voice can be sampled up and out the wazoo. go wash your monkey, cocksucka