this is the start of the movie, act I, where the everyman hero is shit down on everything, including luck, and then him and his best buddy Gary go on the Hero’s Journey. while i am not at a point where i’m putting pizzas in blenders along with the kitchen sink, i am drowning my sorrows and dancing slowly to a slow backbeat at my own pity party. with gary. he keeps stepping on my shoes.

slow bad habit one: shit physical. i have let myself become portly and doughy. i have never been fit. training is needed. the goal of this is to achieve what i’ve recently been referring to as Fuck Body. it’s a two-bird, one for bringing in the fuck, and for being able to appropriately output the fuck as well.

slow bad habit two: drinking. its just bad all ’round.

slow bad habit three: pornography. gary will talk about this one a lot, he’s got a lot (too fucking much) to say about it. we’ ll just keep it at, it’s unproductive, i have way more energy when i don’t do it, and i’ll be needing all the energy i can get for all the other things i’ll be needing to do.

there’s a few others in there but they’re garnish compared to Meat & Potatoes here.

this record will be my little corner of the internet where i can wordvomit when i need and keep it off my other websites, the majority of which will be run for profit reasons. this is part of one of the many ways i am unfucking my shit in 2019: finally applying all i have learned about internet marketing. this relates to what could be slow bad habit four: acquiring knowledge without applying action.

unfucking method two: write. here, there, everywhere. i have a list of things to start with, and then a few profit points to work on, so there’s things to do.

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