And so it is christmas, to which one of the only positives will be that the goddamned christmas songs will stop playing on all radio stations by tomorrow and into the next week as the stragglers are murdered in their cribs while they sleep. Fuck em. If I have to hear Paul McCartney sing his stupid little synthesizer song again,… Read More »122519


Already on the wrong side of the bed after finally overcoming a bit of insomnia when I’m woken up by a little beepbloop eBay message, “Hey wheres my item, did you even send it?” how about yes, I sent it you fuckin bitch, the check is in the mail as my good old friend Jack Burton always says at a… Read More »120419


And so the snow will fall the morning through, into inches and crusty inches. I will shovel, and shovel, and shovel, and then shovel and throw, and pack, and pack more, and then I will burn, burn, burn. My father is, I believe I’m finding, a narcissist. I can look back through my life and pick up on behavioral traits… Read More »120319


And, as if magic white dust had whooshed away a whole month, it became December, where upon the first of the day the wind and rain and clouds did decree, “Here I shall dump one fucking foot of powdery shit on your whole parade, you’re welcome”. And it was so, and it was accepted, but not that good. I spent… Read More »120119


I need to make $2.86 a day through ads on my sites to get a weekly payout. That’s the goal right now. Two bucks and eighty-five point seven-something cents, rounded up, two eighty-six. Almost three bucks a day, that’s it. We just hit $1 a day, or at least I just hit $1.11 for yesterday’s tally, and that’s without doing… Read More »102219


So I got my sites up and running. Two sites. At least with a little bit of traffic on both, and a lot more on one. Enough to cover the hosting costs, after I get my first payout since starting these back up again. Good start. On target to earn enough to get a payout a month from one of… Read More »101619


On the way home, I came across a fox that had just been hit. I think I saw the truck that probably hit it, as I pulled up to the turn a little too fast and had to slow reverse it back just a tad. He was going slow up this hill, too slow for the speed limit and way… Read More »090619


Woke up this morning without a hangover, the first Sunday in a long time that that’s happened. I have to thank my previous self of last night for not giving into the urge to just go drown myself in oat sodas, which the idea was on my mind for a good few hours in the evening there as I watched… Read More »081819


Head down to the store to get oat sodas against my better judgment. Head into a different place than I usually go – the staff is getting to know Gary at the other place so I decide I want a $5 random brown-paper grabbag and some tall boys instead of Champagne Beer. Usually this place is run by townies and… Read More »080119


Website has a queue for at least a couple weeks, if not a month. Amazing what only 20,000 posts can do, but that’s a smallbig niche and I need to focus it down to smaller trail niches. And work on some SFW affiliate ideas, like perhaps a gardening blog or that Trash Freedom idea I really should be running. Instead,… Read More »073119